Office Fruit Delivery News for Decemeber

Clementines have arrived!!!

For a very short time each year, nature gives us a little orange Christmas present called the Clementine.

If you would like to reward your staff with one of the festive seasons best wrapped gifts, just let us know and we’ll substitute your easypeelers for clementines. They are a little more expensive but, oooh so worth it.

With Christmas fast approaching and knowing that some of you guys won’t want as much fruit delivered over the holidays, could you kindly send us the dates when you won’t require an order sent to you. If we could have this by 15th December, that would be wonderful. We’d also like to take this opportunity, to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year for 2022

Just in case you weren’t aware, here at Orchard2Office, we are proud to be a family business ( Dave is adopted ). This is Tom, the youngest member of our team, and his beautiful wife Jess at their wedding just a couple of weeks ago. Other, less attractive couples are available.