Heralding from the Garden of England, our team strives to bring you the best quality produce to not only boost vitamin c, but morale and productivity. Here at Orchard2Office we can bring you as much fruit as your heart desires Monday to Friday and guarantee both quality and reliability.

We know that top quality produce that keeps you healthy, can only come from a healthy planet, so we strive to make the lightest of footprints whilst bringing you nature’s bounty.

Our farmers have worked so hard to grow this great produce that it would be a crime for it to go to waste, so we won’t allow it.

Any boxes of fruit that are still amazing but didn’t get to go and explore the world will be donated to local homeless shelters. If, however there’s any fruit that doesn’t pass our quality control this will be donated to local animal shelters.

Our boxes want to go on many more adventures, so if you could please return them to the delivery driver when they bring your next order, we’d be very grateful.