Fresh fruit delivered to your office in Westminster

Who the devil are we?

At Orchard2Office, we’re committed to delivering the utmost quality fruit right to your Westminster office. Our dependable service guarantees the provision of ample fruit to satisfy your cravings from Monday to Friday. Count on our exceptional quality and reliability in every fruit delivery. Our thoughtfully curated fruit packages offer an ideal variety to ensure everyone in the office is content. Additionally, you have the freedom to customise your very own fruit box to suit your preferences.

How does it work?

Our fruity boxes

Elevate your Westminster workplace with the goodness of Orchard2Office’s delightful fruit boxes. Each box contains a diverse selection of fresh, flavorful fruits, infusing your office with energy and well-being. Whether indulging in juicy berries or savoring crisp apples, every bite embodies nature’s goodness. Tailor your box to align with your team’s preferences, fostering a culture of health. Orchard2Office isn’t just about fruit – we’re your daily infusion of workplace vitality, enhancing your Westminster company’s well-being.

...and it's all so healthy