Fresh fruit delivered to your office in London

Who the devil are we?

Our London-based team is committed to bringing the highest quality fruit directly to your business in  London. Here at Orchard2Office, we take pride in guaranteeing the supply of a variety of fresh fruits to satisfy your cravings, all week long. We are dedicated to upholding superior quality and reliability in every fruit delivery we make. Our fruit selections are thoughtfully put together to provide the perfect array of choices, ensuring that everyone in your London office is content. Additionally, we offer the option for you to customize your own fruit box, tailored to your preferences.

How does it work?

Choose from our diverse fruit boxes, customize your selection, and place your order online. We source the freshest fruits, deliver to your London workplace, and you enjoy nature’s goodness with each bite. Fostering wellness and team engagement, our regular deliveries ensure a thriving work environment. Experience the simplicity and vitality of Orchard2Office.

Our fruity boxes

Our wonderful fruit boxes deliver nature’s finest directly to your London workplace. Filled with a range of fresh and flavorful fruits, each box radiates energy and well-being. From luscious berries to crunchy apples, every bite embodies nature’s goodness. Tailor your box to match your team’s tastes, fostering a culture of health. At Orchard2Office, we’re not just about fruit – we’re your daily source of workplace vitality.

...and it's all so healthy